Communication Strategy

If you’re having trouble reaching out to a new audience, or want to know how you can reinvigorate your communications strategy to include the latest technological innovations, our students have the skills, knowledge and fresh-thinking to turn your promotions around. Previous collaborations have resulted in proposing an oral history project for the North Woolwich area to promote Royal Docklands Learning and Activity Centre, marketing planning with sports tech start-up Speedfreq, rebranding civic engagement at UEL and a web relaunch with London Youth Rowing.

Social Media Management

Millenials can offer the snappy tone of voice and contemporary social media awareness  your business needs to survive and thrive. As one of the most important considerations for any 21st century business, we can provide you with the expertise to make your social media speak to the world.

Content Production

Does your website need a refresh? Or does your copy needs that persuasive tone to get your audience to engage? We can take on a wide range of tasks from editing and web content management, to producing short video ads, spreadable media and print layouts.

Professional consultancy

If you need a keen eye on today’s market from experienced professionals, Dr. Eleni Kasapi and Allan S. Taylor are available to take on consultancy work from larger partners. With combined expertise across business and creative solutions, we can offer package solutions at competitive rates for projects that require a professional touch.

NB: We do not charge for third-sector companies