A Local Agency for Local Enterprise

Creative Wave, an East London advertising agency based at UEL and led by students on the BA Advertising degree, has a dynamic and fresh approach to communications, helping you to position your brand and business in the world today.

Our students are the new millennials – they know what is happening on the ground right now, they have their finger on the pulse, and they know what customers and clients want from your business. Our communications are punchy, innovative and current, and we work with not-for-profits or start-ups to give you that extra boost when you need it most – at the beginning of your journey.

We provide local advertising services to local businesses, and community engagement is at the heart of what we do here at UEL, so we offer our services  in order to create connections between the local community and students, and across the wider London area. We like knowing, and working with, our neighbours.

The agency is headed up by Dr Eleni Kasapi, Senior Lecturer in Advertising  and  advertising  consultant for start-up businesses . Mr Allan Taylor, currently head of content at Time Inc., was the co-director  of Creative Wave while he was a lecturer at UEL and now as an associate advertising practitioner he maintains close liks to the agency.

We also provide connections to local industry for our graduating students, through our Enterprise department and the Careers and Student Employability office.

Creative Wave is based within the Knowledge Dock at UEL.